Knits by Jani: Now on Ravelry Too!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'm excited to announce that my Ravelry Design Shop is now open. To find me on Ravelry CLICK HERE. My username is KNITSBYJANI or look for Jani Fellows. I have added the first of a series of new popular designer patterns (see picture at left) and I am really excited to introduce them through Ravelry. Let's connect!

In Other Knitting News...

I recently heard from a workshopper of mine who is a Special Education teacher. Her doctor attributed her recent rapid and complete recovery from a bone-breaking fall to her constant knitting while in the hospital.

As a result of hearing that there is a research study about the positive meditative impact of knitting, she has taught her 26 special needs students to knit. She reports amazingly calming affects on her 12 Autistic boys.

So not only do we get wonderful knitted items from this art but a wonderful dose of serenity at the same time.

By the way, we are still in need of Hats for the Troops, which project (K4OT, Knit for Our Troops). we began almost two years ago and have sent more than 14,000 hats to our troops overseas so far. If you haven't participated in this program you can get info and pattern online at the library website.
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