Stash Bash

Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy end of 2010.  Sincerely hope for a happy and hopefully better 2011.  As part of the holiday happenings, our workshop group,  celebrated at the Denver Puppet Theatre on Monday, December 30th with a luncheon followed by a "Stash Bash".  We all brought yarns from our stashes that were left-over or yarns or tools or books that we had no further plans for as our contribution to  the bash.  We looked over all the goodies and took whatever appealed from others stashes and all went home happy.  We plan to do this again .  The puppet theatre owner had such a good time, she is sponsoring another bash January 27 (a Thursday) from 4-7  You are welcome to join us.  Check with their web site for more details.
As one of my New Years resolutions I am going to take much better care of my blog.  Again hope your holidays were happy.
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